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Digital marketing

Publicat în Marketing pe data de 24 octombrie, 2022

What is digital marketing?


We can say that digital marketing is a type of marketing which for its placing uses internet platforms. We can say that under digital marketing is included all advertisement on our phones, tablets, or PCs. Digital marketing in nowadays is competing with regular marketing, but today where almost 3/4 of people around the World are using internet every minute, we can say that digital marketing is winning.

We can divide digital marketing in two typesPaid advertisement and organic turnover

Paid advertisement  is when a company by using its own assets pays for advetisement on internet platforms, where as organic turnover doesnt include any payment and it is organic becouse the content isnt imposed, becouse that content is being searched for.

What are the advatages of digital marketing:

  1. A wide array of audience that can cover unlike regular markeing
  2. Limitles geographical array
  3. When you advetise on internet, it doesnt matter where you are the whole World is your market
  4. Price to efficency ratio

Digital marketing doesnt have only a wide array of audience but it also has a lower cost then regular marketing. The benefit is also that we can more specificaly target our key audience.

Conclusion: we can say that is nowadays digital marketing is more efficient than regular marketing and that in the future we can expect it only to grow and generate more profit for companys and people. Hope that this was useful and that this will help you in your future buissness.


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